What You Need To Know Before Short Listing The Best Wedding Photographer

Is your wedding fixed? Are you busy in all wedding preparations and still looking for wedding photographers who are unprecedented to your local photographers? Well, your search for your wedding ceremony photography ends here. Your wedding day is special and should be memorable therefore, to shortlist from the top photographers to meet your preliminary needs;… Read More »

Tips for Selecting the Best Tent Rentals

When tents are mentioned, it is an indication of a special commemoration. Anytime you need a one, it’s because there will be festivity. Are you aware that there are different types of coverings for specific occasions? Before approaching a tent rental company, how do you determine which tent is right for you? Frame Coverings If… Read More »

How to Gift Your Girlfriends So They Remember You

Special occasions are times when good friends support one another to share the good times of living. If you have girl friends that you care for, they will take care of you, too. Remember, though, you may need to love them first. And love is often spelled G-I-V-E. Showing up empty handed at a party… Read More »

Mandap Hire – Important Factors to Consider

A Hindu wedding is considered as a 4-5 days occasion. After the engagement, Mehendi, Sangeet, etc. The d-day arrives. On this day wedding rituals are performed with bride and groom under a mandap (many times a temporary set up, with roof & pillows and without walls), in front of all the family members, relatives and… Read More »

4 Materials Commonly Found In Wedding Dresses

Your wedding is your special day so you want to be sure that it is a day to remember. Because of this, all brides want to look beautiful and of course, the largest focal point, other than a bride's smile, is her dress. Because of this, you will find a great deal of individuality in… Read More »

How the Bride and Groom Can Choose Their Wedding Shoes

Wedding day is an unforgettable moment for the bride as well as groom. They do plenty of work on their outfits and accessories in order to look best in their wedding video. Wedding shoes are also one of the most important accessories that you should not overlook. You must wear designer wedding shoes to show… Read More »

Helpful Tips About Confetti

Confetti is a multitude of small pieces of paper or metallic material which is usually thrown at celebrations, especially weddings and game shows, as well as the end of a milestone or the occasion of a big win. It has become a symbol at festivals; you can also find a fantastic range of special effects… Read More »

Pan-Asian Decor

Asian style decorating has become a hot trend in the first decade of the 21st century. Unlike past waves of Asian design however, the latest version embraces a global perspective to create an eclectic mix that is both exotic and relaxed at the same time. One of the intriguing aspects of this latest trend is… Read More »